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  Release Date: Jul 20, 2018
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  Genre: Comedy
  Country: United States
  Language: English

LA to Vegas Season 1 Synopsis:

LA to Vegas is a comedy operate. The function is very approximately acards You could, if you enjoy making people groan. Writer Lon Zimmet drew in description to his monthly flights to perform poker upon the Strip behind creating the series, which follows the Las Vegas-bound crew and passengers upon the low-rent Jackpot Airlines, where fuzzy dice hang in the cockpit, Captain Dave Dylan McDermott plugs steakhouses and brothels from the flight deck and, during epoch of highlight, flyers can want comfort from a therapy duck.

LA to Vegas Season 1, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

LA to Vegas Season 1 Also Known As:

LA to Vegas | LAX -> Vegas
  StarCast: Aaron Bledsoe, Alex Frnka, Alina Zilbershmidt, Amanda Fields, Amir Talai, Anushka Rani, Boone Nelson, Caitlin Thompson, Constanza Palavecino, Damon O'Daniel, David Goldman, Dermot Mulroney, Drew Tarver, Dylan McDermott, Ed Weeks, Edwin H. Bravo, Jadon Sand, Jean St. James, Jennifer Moxham, John Kennedy, Kassandra Kanaar, Kether Donohue, Kim Matula, Laura Carson, Lindsey Warm, Louheed Daniel, Lourdes Nadres, Madison Thomas, Maria Lingbanan, Michael Segovia, Natalie Daniels, Nathan Kress, Nathan Lee Graham, Nathan Streifel, Nick Bush, Olivia Macklin, Pam Murphy, Peter Stormare, Robert Coffie, Roger Goff III, Ryan de Quintal, Samantha Cutaran, Sarah Cortez, Shaun Daley, Slim Khezri, Stacie Greenwell, Tania Fox, Taylor Boldt, Timothy Stack, Victoria Park
  Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Briskets Big Yellow House, Gary Sanchez Productions, Steven Levitan Productions

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