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  Release Date: Oct 31, 2017
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  Genre: Horror
  Runtime: min
  Country: USA
  Language: English

Nosferatu Synopsis:

Nosferatu is a horror movie. The movie is not quite the fictional German city of Wisborg. His employer, Knock, sends Hutter to Transylvania to visit a adding client named Count Orlok. Hutter entrusts his tender wife Ellen to his pleasing friend Harding and Harding’s sister Annie, back embarking coarsely speaking his long journey. Nearing his destination in the Carpathian Mountains, Hutter stops at an inn for dinner. The locals become frightened by the mere mention of Orlok’s say and discourage him from traveling to his castle at night, rebuke of a werewolf regarding the prowl. The neighboring hours of daylight, Hutter takes a coach to a high mountain p.s., but the coachman declines to believe him any tally than the bridge as nightfall is in version to.

Nosferatu, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Nosferatu Also Known As:

  Director: David Lee Fisher
  StarCast: Brian Hanford, Christian Prentice, Cinda Adams, Corey Allen Kotler, David W. Ross, Doug Jones, Drew Leger, Eddie Allen, Emrhys Cooper, George Maguire, Greg Lawrence, Jack Turner, Joely Fisher, Joseph Michael Harris, Karen Teliha, Rhoda Pell, Ron E. Dickinson, Samuel Parker, Sara Montez, Sarah Carter, Time Winters, Travis Stevens
  Producer: Christopher Duddy, Derek Zemrak, Jenna Cedicci, Leonard Pirkle, Mindy Zemrak, Paula Elins
  Company: BeamScreen Productions

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