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  Release Date: May 10, 2017
  MPAA Ratings: R

  Genre: Thriller
  Runtime: 102 min
  Country: Belgium, France, UK, USA
  Language: English

Message from the King Synopsis:

Message from the King is a thriller movie about a mysterious outsider named jacob king from south africa arrives in los angeles to avenge his younger sister death. Trying to piece together her last known movements king finds unsettling evidence of a life gone off the rails drugs sex and secrets in the sleazy underbelly of the city of angles undeterred by warnings to go home king proves to more than a match for the violence he is confronted with as he relentlessly purches the truth about what happen to his sister.

Message from the King, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Message from the King Also Known As:

King: Uma História de Vingança | Послание от Кинга
  Director: Fabrice du Welz
  Writer: Oliver Butcher, Stephen Cornwell
  StarCast: Alexia Dox, Alfred Molina, Amin El Gamal, Andrew Kirsanov, Anna Diop, Arthur Darbinyan, Ava Kolker, Casey Larios, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Mulkey, Claude Knowlton, Cristian Burea, Dale Dickey, Diego Josef, Drew Powell, Emily Lopato, Frederick Keeve, Hae Jung Chae, Hasnaa El Faizi, Jake Weary, James Jordan, Joe Seo, Jonno Roberts, Jonny Coyne, Khristian Lupo, Kirsty Hill, Lucan Melkonian, Luci Suicide, Luke Evans, Lynn Adrianna, M@tch, Madeleine Wade, Max Daniels, Michael Patrick McGill, Natalie Martinez, Paul Hansen Kim, Rachel Pringle, Rich Hill, RiRia, Roman Mitichyan, Sarah Adriana Solo, Sibongile Mlambo, Teresa Palmer, Tia Barr, Tom Felton, Tom Wright
  Producer: Alexei Boltho, Alice S. Kim, Ash R. Shah, Benedict Carver, Chadwick Boseman, David Lancaster, Diana Elbaum, Joel Thibout, Logan Coles, Manuel Chiche, Rhodri Thomas, Sebastian Schelenz, Simon Cornwell, Stephen Cornwell, Steven Kemper, Tamara Gagarin
  Company: Anarchy Post, Backup Media, Brauer & Co., Canal+, Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Ciné +, Cutting Edge Group, Digital Post Services, Entertainment One Features, Entre Chien et Loup, Fintage CAM, GEM Entertainment, Ink Factory, LCW Props, Les Bookmakers, Modern VideoFilm, Monkeyland Audio, Netflix, Rice Gorton Pictures Ltd., Rumble Films (II), Selim Ramia & Sons, Shaw Organisation, Silver Nitrate, Solar Entertainment, Solar Pictures, Soundtrack New York, The, The Jokers, The Jokers Films, Three Point Capital

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