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  Release Date: Jun 15, 2018
  MPAA Ratings: R

  Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
  Runtime: 105 min
  Country: Canada, United States
  Language: English

Gotti Synopsis:

Gotti is a crime movie. The movie is about a the relationship of a father who lived and died by the mob code and a son who, while brought up to lead a life of crime, chose to leave that world behind and redeem himself and the Gotti name. Never before has there been such an inside look at the Gotti family and their world of danger, betrayal and redemption. John Gotti was head of the Gambino crime family, which in its time was the largest and most powerful crime organization in the country. Known as the “Dapper Don,” John Gotti’s flamboyant style and outspoken personality made him one of the most famous mobsters of the 20th century and he ruled the underworld until he died from cancer in 2002 while serving a life sentence.

Gotti, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Gotti Also Known As:

  Director: Kevin Connolly
  Writer: Lem Dobbs, Leo Rossi
  StarCast: Aaron Pullins IV, Adam Hicks, Alanna Tremblay, Alec Usleaman, Andrew Fiscella, Angela Coburn, Angela Duggins, Anita Farmer Bergman, Art Leung, Ashley Cusato, Ashley Drew Fisher, Braden, Brian Bowman, Brian D. Schroeder, Brian Lamont, Brittany Picard, Bryan Kruse, Carter Anderson, Charles P. Chambers, Charles Poole, Charlie Conn, Chase Dunnette, Chris Kasparoza, Chris Kerson, Chris Mulkey, Chris Victor, Connor Cadek, Cristina Carone, Crystal Feyh, David Beck, David Pittinger, Denise Barone, Derek Polen, Dillon Lynch, Donald John Volpenhein, Donnie Dunn, Dori Lucas, Dylan Keith Adams, Ella Bleu Travolta, Francis Bradley Niehaus, George W. Ellerman, Grace Sena, Harry McCane, Hickory Taylor, Isabela De Paz, James Brown, James Luoma, James Siderits, Jay Seals, Jeff Ruby, Jerry DeNuzio, Jerry Pope, Jill Coughlin, Jim Gloyd, Joe Gelchion, John E. Brownlee, John Merolla, John Newsom, John Travolta, John V. D'Auria, John W. Harden, Jordan Jacinto, Jordan Trovillion, Joseph T. Deters, Judy McQueen Bauer, Juliane Collins, Julie Daley, Kathleen Ellerman, Kathlene Ashcraft, Kealy Welage, Kelly Preston, Kelly Rist, Ken Strunk, Kenneth Meyer, Kevin W. Shiveley, Kevin W. Shiveley II, Kyle Stefanski, Lea Hutton Beasmore, Leo Rossi, Louis Marino, Luis Da Silva Jr., Lydia Hull, Lynn Downey, Margot Westermen, Mark Angel, Mary Ann Ranz, Matt Ridley, Megan Leonard, Michael Cipiti, Michael Compton, Michael D Overman, Michael G Wirick, Michael Laurianti, Michael Lee Bailey, Michael Spagnoli, Michael Trester, Michael Woods, Michelle Dobrozsi, Michelle Poole, Ming Wang, Myra Zimmerman Grubbs, Nathaniel Sizemore, Nick Stanner, Nico Bustamante, Nik Pajic, Nino Del Buono, Patrick Borriello, Peter Gaudio, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Rachael Mcadams, Richard Doone, Rj Bryant, Robert Gerding, Robert Pavlovich, Ronnie Webb, Ruthy Froch, Ryan Poole, Sal Pennino, Sal Rendino, Sammy Geroulis, Shawn P. Farrell, Shea Buckner, Silas Mayers, Spencer Rocco Lofranco, Stacy Keach, Steven Schraub, Steven Terry Walker, Susan Kile, Tessa Loxley, Theresa Sutera, Tim Downey, Tony Luke Jr., Tonya Roberts, Tyler Jon Olson, Victor Gojcaj, William Cross, William DeMeo
  Producer: Alexander Eckert, Anson Downes, Anthony Callie, Anthony Jabre, Arianne Fraser, Barry Brooker, Corey Large, Delphine Perrier, Dt Thomas, Fay Devlin, George Furla, John Travolta, Jon Galanis, Keya Morgan, Kirk Shaw, Lem Dobbs, Linda Favila, Marc Fiore, Mark Stewart, Marty Ingels, Maurice Fadida, Michael Froch, Michael J. Urann, Noel Ashman, Norton Herrick, Peter Capozzi, Phillip Glasser, Randall Emmett, Randi Michel, Rick Salomon, Rob Logozio, Robert Jones, Ryan S. Black, Scott Atkins, Scotty Gelt, Stan Wertlieb, Steven Saxton, Ted Fox, Thomas Fiore, Timothy C. Sullivan, Vance Owen, Vince P. Maggio, Wayne Marc Godfrey, William B. Steakley
  Company: Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films (EFO Films), Fiore Films, Highland Film Group (HFG)

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