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  Release Date: Sep 15, 2017
  MPAA Ratings: R

  Genre: Comedy
  Runtime: 101 min
  Country: USA
  Language: English

Brad’s Status Synopsis:

Brad’s Status is a comedy movie . the movie is roughly the east coast and meets going on taking into account an pass pal who makes him atmosphere inferior just roughly his lifes choices as well as than father takes his son to tour colleges on. The visit triggers a crisis of confkdence in brads status writer and director mike white bittersweet comedy. Brad has a pleasing career and a amenable vigor in suburban sacramento where he lives behind his delectable natured wife melanie jenna fischer and their musical prodigy son troy austin abrams but it about what he imagined during his studious glory days. Showing troy taking place for boston where brad went to academic world he cant abet comparing his energy when those of his four best hypothetical links a hollywood bigshot white a hedge fund founder luke wilson a tech voyager jemaine clement and a political pundit and bestselling author michael sheen.

Brad's Status, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Brad’s Status Also Known As:

  Director: Mike White
  Writer: Mike White
  StarCast: Adam Bernett, Adam Capriolo, Adrian M. Mompoint, Alex Bisping, Alex Bovaird, Alexandre Bélanger, Allison Williams, André Simoneau, Anthony Pelton, Arthur Hiou, Austin Abrams, Ava Gammie, Ben Stiller, Bruce Dawson, Carolyn Fe, Danielle Lyons, Danny Hamouie, Dawn Ford, Devon Packer, Douglas Cowell, Elissa Issa, Erin Agostino, Felicia Shulman, Frank Fontaine, Ilena Love, Ivan Fuchs, Izzy Stannard, Jane Wheeler, Jeffery Kincannon, Jemaine Clement, Jenna Fischer, Jennifer Garnett, Jesse Sarah Vilinsky, Jessica Rockwood, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Bernad, Jonah Carson, Jonathan Emond, Jordan Matthew Teasdale, Julia Dawi, Julie Anctil, Karl Graboshas, Kayla Caulfield, Keir Cutler, Kenny Wong, Kristen Annese, Kuulei Uelese, Larry Eudene, Laura Ashley Polisena, Lauren Laperriere, Leah Procito, Lexie Roth, Logan Raposo, Luisa Lee, Luke Wilson, Marcelo Palacios, Max Benda, May Henault, Meghan Gabruch, Melinda Coady, Michael Sheen, Mike White, Nathaly Thibault, Nicholas Deveau, Orla Johannes, Pamela Figueiredo, Randy Klemola, Raynnie Platz, Richard Jutras, Rj Copan, Rosalba Martinni, Sara Baumgartner, Serge Martineau, Shauna Bradley, Shazi Raja, Spiro Malandrakis, Steven Cuneo, Susan Glover, Vincent Calpron, Xavier Grobet, Xavier Sotelo
  Producer: Brad Pitt, Carla Hacken, David Bernad, Dede Gardner, Dylan Tarason, John Penotti, Mark Kamine, Mark O'Connor, Mike White, Sidney Kimmel
  Company: Amazon Studios, Annapurna Pictures, Canada Film Capital, Cinema Mechanics, Digital Post Services, Eagle Films, Entertainment Partners Canada, Film Finances, Light Iron, Montreal Casting, Plan B Entertainment, Searchers, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, The, Trevanna Post

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