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  Release Date: Dec 07, 2017
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  Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
  Runtime: 105 min
  Country: Spain
  Language: English

Black Hollow Cage Synopsis:

Black Hollow Cage is a temporary movie. The movie is just about a thirteen year primordial lady, lives behind her father, Adam, in a deafening residence in the woods, in addition to a car involve in which the girl purposeless her mother and portion of her right arm. Alice is enclosed in herself. She hates her daddy and blames him for the accident, she hates rehabilitation and she hates the additional electronic arm that she has to carry and can barely handle. In optional appendage, she has a sealed bond when Beatrice, a female wolf dog that talks through an electronic translation device that it carries a propos its neck, whom she calls Mom. One hours of day, Alice and Beatrice locate a proud cubic artifact along along along in the middle of the trees unventilated the dwelling. Through the cube Alice receives messages from who seems to be her sophisticated self, reprimand her of dire procedures that she must defer. In this context, Adam moreover carries a every one rotate game: he finds Erika and Paul, two minor brothers freeze and helpless that he hosts and protects from a obscure pursuer, David. Alice is later prey to suspicion and mistrust; she and Beatrice are wary of the tallying inhabitants of the habitat and the unhealthy proclaim that seems to have engulfed them all. After a detestable business, Alice, shattered and dismayed, wants to go urge re and regulate what happened. This era the cube could calm her to regulate the appendix.

Black Hollow Cage, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Black Hollow Cage Also Known As:

  Director: Sadrac González-Perellón
  Writer: Sadrac González-Perellón
  StarCast: Daniel M. Jacobs, Haydée Lysander, Julian Nicholson, Lowena McDonell, Lucy Tillett, Marc Puiggener, Will Hudson
  Producer: Diego Rodriguez, Helena Altabàs, Javier Aguayo, Sadrac González-Perellón
  Company: Aluzine Rentals, Asallam Films, Diagrama Polar, Filmia, Polford, Ymagis

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