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  Release Date: Jan 09, 2018
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  Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  Runtime: 79 min
  Country: United States
  Language: English

Asylum of Fear Synopsis:

Asylum of Fear is a horror movie. The movie is virtually a title but I’m disagreeing as soon as what I am seeing here . Also it drives me nuts coming onto pages, mostly low budget independent films from what I can declare, seeing people proclaim the unaided pleasurable reviews are from the cast or crew. Just because you didn’t in the back it doesn’t tilt toward added people didn’t enjoy it. If you are a follower of paranormal television shows, which I have a guilty pleasure of, this will be a fine movie for you. I would reveal this film is more thriller than horror. It is not in your slope scares and occurring until you profit to the fade away there is not a lot of be violent towards. Although it does hit behind. What they get saintly associates of quickly though is construct occurring the intensity surrounding this asylum. While the description may not be the most original out there I think the habit it was told was delightful. It was obvious the cast was having a lot of fun and their chemistry together re the screen was fantastic.

Asylum of Fear, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Asylum of Fear Also Known As:

  Director: Craig Deering
  Writer: Allen Murphy, Craig Deering, Karen Deering
  StarCast: A. Monnie Aleahmad, Allen Murphy, Amelia Pauly, Ann Hagemann, Braden Crothers, Brandin Estes, Brendan Sullivan, Callie Stephens, Charles Straka, Chrissy Wojdyla, Dianne Bischoff, Elijah Crothers, Ewan Parker-Eaton, George Stalling, James Doherty, Joe Mack, Joette Waters, Jon Manisco, Jonathan Moy, JT Beissel, Karen Deering, KC Matthews, Keaton Schoenecker, Kevin Wesley, KJ James, Kylie Sullivan, Mandy Modic, Mark Deering, Matthew Schroeder, Matthew Urban, Maurice Demus, McKenzie Franklin, Michael Medford, Michael Patrick Russell, Nadir Waxali, Nikki Tortorella, Paul Gallagher, Pete Navis, Robin Andrews, Russell Deering, Siera Cerny, Zach Allen
  Producer: Brett Rosin, Craig Deering, Jenni Gold, Shane Semmens
  Company: Evil Iguana Productions

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